About Us

Q and A with designer/founder Kathleen Waite.

Q, When did you start the Peppin brand?

A, 2009 was when I started developing and making the first pattern drafts for Peppin.
We didn't come up with the name until 2010.

Q, Why did you want to get into kids clothing?

A, I was running a successful womenswear brand Skylark when we had our son Jet. And ever since the day I announced I was pregnant people started asking if I would get into the kiddy market, so the seeds were sown by everyone else, but I didn't have any interest until I started shopping for our lil guy.
Fast forward to now and it seems like there is plenty of choice. But surprisingly the range was really limited in 2009. If you wanted grey marl for your boy - you would have to walk into the girls section to buy it. Comfy "leggings" they weren't even called pants back then hardly existed other than PJ bottoms. Oh and the cuts on offer were so bad, not much going on in the way of thoughtful pattern making.
I love the design and make process and can't imagine doing anything else!

Q, Your colour palette is limited, why is this?

A, We started out offering blacks and grey marls because those colours were not widely available. It just became our look - I love colour and will offer splashes now and then, but I also want to keep our core customers happy.

Q, Your made locally in New Zealand - are there any challenges?

A, I'm really hands on with the production. Skylark was NZ made to, so I had systems already in place. We did produce one range off shore and the experience was not good. I design, draft, and do a majority of the manufacture and understand the ins and outs of production, locally made suits the business.

Q, How often do you introduce new garments.

A, I like to think we have great staples that only need tweaking, adding in new pieces in an organic way, when I feel the range needs it. I am not a fan of fast fashion.

Q, What does the future hold?

A, More of the same, we want to continue to offer a well made and locally produced product for the kiddies.




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